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    President of "Euro Club Woman" Tatiana Balakchieva signed and received contract under Cross Border Cooperation: Bulgaria - Turkey at ceremony

On 4 July in Haskovo, the president of "Euroclub WOMAN" Yambol - Tatiana Balakchieva at a ceremony was awarded by the Regional Governor of Haskovo and representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Works with a contract for the project program "Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey". The project is entitled "Cross-border World of Women" under Priority axis 1 - "Sustainable social and economic development" project partners are: Chamber of Commerce in Edirne (from the Turkish side) and Chamber of Commerce in the town of Yambol, Bulgaria. The project duration is 12 months and it has approved budget of 67,984 Euro.

The overall project objective is to address the specific problems of women in the cross-border region Yambol - Edirne, in the lifestyle, culture, tradition, upbringing and family, business, living conditions, gender equality, imposed as a result of relative isolation within national traditions and social life in both countries through a broad mutual understanding and active information exchange. The project intended to carry out activities to analyze the role and place of women in the regions of Yambol and Edirne in the family, society and work. It aims to establish a sustainable mechanism for sharing experiences and best practices in the field of culture, science, crafts and entrepreneurship among women from both sides of the border, to improve access to information about the traditions, culture and daily life of women from cross-border regions of Bulgaria and Turkey in terms of promotion of common European values. And last but not least - the development of objectives of the specific skills of women from the cross-border region to build partnerships in a globalizing world and European enlargement.

The project will conduct international conference in Yambol, entitled "Women from the cross-border region - multifaceted and equal", International exhibition in Yambol of artwork, products and consumer goods produced by women in the cross-border region Bulgaria and Turkey titled "Diversity bring us together", Informational and Training Seminar in Yambol on "Cross-border world of women in a globalizing world and EU enlargement", International exhibition in Edirne - artwork, products and consumer goods produced by women in the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Turkey, Informational and Training Seminar in Edirne.

There will be conducted - research and information analysis study to identify the role and place of women in cross-border region of Yambol and Edirne in the family, society and at work; there will be designed specifically Virtual Internet application; publications and exchange of information relating to participation of women in social and cultural life in the cross-border region in Bulgarian, Turkish and English. Furthermore, information related to the theme of the project and associated with its activities could be found on the website. There will be special rubric "Meet...", where there will be made a presentation of a woman from the region of Yambol, Bulgaria and 1 woman from the region of Edirne, Turkey, holding key positions in different social, cultural, governmental and business organizations.

In pictures: Signing of the contract and awarding the project and meetings with partners

This publication has been funded with support of the European Union through the CBC Bulgaria - Turkey - CCI № 2007SV16ІRO008.
The contents of this publication sole responsibility “Euroclub woman" and in no way reflect the official position of the European Union and the MA Program.

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